Cultivate Oklahoma’s next generation to start here.

Oklahoma is a top-15 state for new business startups in the U.S. In support of that entrepreneurial spirit, we are committed to closing the gap to support entrepreneurs in innovating, growing, and staying here.

OK Innovate is a visionary program with the goal of cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs and founders to start right here in Oklahoma. This objective is based on a 20-year vision to progress the state in creating the workforce of tomorrow and diversifying our economy.

The objective is audacious, but achievable, with focused collaboration among the entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders and developing meaningful programs that address strategic milestones during the next 20 years.

As Oklahoma City continues to progress as one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest, there is an opportunity to influence the way in which we grow. OK Innovate can be to Oklahoma City what similar programs and spaces have been to Kansas City, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Des Moines. With the right infrastructure and interest, the city is positioned to become a leader in start-up incubation and scalable acceleration, which can then be replicated across the state. OK Innovate has the potential to provide the programming and structure needed to aid entrepreneurs and incentivize growth.

Look forward with us!

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Forge a culture that encourages economic prosperity through creativity, innovation, and risk-taking by removing barriers surrounding capital, leadership development, and product placement.