OK Innovate is focused on cultivating the next generation
of entrepreneurs and startups
in Oklahoma.

We believe Oklahoma can foster a thriving startup community through intentional collaboration, quality programs and curated capital. We want more companies to start, grow and stay in Oklahoma.

It’s important in this effort to be informed by best practices and lessons learned from cities and peer organizations across the country. We are not the only city and state trying to retain and attract talent and entrepreneurs. Columbus, Detroit, Chattanooga, Austin, etc., have achieved this or have been working on it longer than we have.

This report on Oklahoma City’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is a chance to benchmark against these cities. Think of it as a SWOT analysis and a point of discussion among the community around our strengths and opportunities.

A nationally recognized expert in building entrepreneurial ecosystems, Tom Chapman, explains in this report: 

  • his findings from analyzing our community, 
  • ranking us among peer cities in the Midwest,
  • recommendations on how we reach our aspiration of being a thriving regional hub for entrepreneurs and startups.

Upon reviewing this information, my hope is that we will have a more complete appreciation of our existing infrastructure, a broader awareness of our regional competitiveness, and an urgency to strategically collaborate locally and regionally to attract more entrepreneurs to start, grow, and stay in Oklahoma.

I’d welcome the chance to discuss your thoughts and ideas.


Tom's complete OKC Ecosystem report!